Hiring Fire Rated Backer Rod for Your Construction

You are a little bit confused to choose fire rated backer rod? This information helps you to choose the backer rod within your budget. The backer rods are usually round shape and flexible to use, you can choose the length of the rope as your needs use for joints. This help to control the amount of caulking or sealant and create a backstop, there are different type’s sizes and diameter is available for fitting the joints. there are three different types of attribute cell structure in backer for construction and the cellular structure helps to make an irregular joints application.

  • Closed cell structure
  • Open cell structure
  • Bi-cellular structure

The closed cell structure has totally enclosed a wall and not interconnects with other cells and this material not suitable for joints with high presence of the water, but sealant material is helping to close all cell backer rods in building surface areas.

The open cell structure is unique and easy to compress the backer rod due to unrestricted air conditions and control the depth of the sealant airing. The cellular structure is used for high compressibility and this suitable for only limited applications, in regular joint application use for self-leveling.

How to choose the fire rated backer rod

The fire rated backer rod is prepared by rock wool with the perfect glass wires used for fire-rated expansions sealant within building construction joints, the liquid sealant is used for filling small joints and control the fire rated backer rod joints.

the backer tub is formed by the combustible foam of plastic when exposed to fire and this mostly used for interior core disposed and total assembly volume, used to control the fire and commonly used for hospitals, office, airports, and hotels.

Choosing fire rated backer rod before you must know about following things and choose with your budget, below they provide different types of critical functions.

  • Control the depth of the sealant application in your building construction
  • Prevent the sides of adhesion
  • Form the glass shape perfectly necessary for the proper joint design

The depth of the fire rated backer rod needs to consistent by using the packing tool and simple toll can be adjusted various depth of the backer rod, below have the instruction about the backer rod.

  1. Depth ½ of width with correctly shapes the tools of sealant.
  2. Excessive depth of sealant resulting from the fair rated backer rod and positioned too deeply given result will be a failure.
  3. Insufficient depth of sealant too shallow position of the backer rod, it may be given result in interrelated to failure.

Factor to consider the fire rated backer rod

These are the main reasons to consider the backer rod using for the construction process and the backer rod is liquid sealants used for filling small joints on the building.

  • Security of the building
  • Low cost
  • Easily implement the connection of the construction process
  • Low water absorption for the building
  • Safety

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