How to increase your traffic without spending extra on ads

Digital marketers and bloggers try their best to generate as much leads as possible. They have to spend quite a hefty sum on paid ads. Paid ads are considered the best way to generate leads especially when you are starting out. But do you know you can generate some more leads with extra traffic without spending anything extra?

How to increase your traffic without spending extra

If you want to increase your traffic, the best way is to increase your Web ranking[อันดับ เว็บ, which is the term in Thai]. But how can you increase your web ranking? The method to increase your ranking on web is called SEO or search engine optimization.

How to do SEO

SEO can be done in following steps:

  • First you need to work on your content. Create content for users. Content must be relevant to the primary keyword.
  • Create high quality backlinks. Do not use PBN or private blogging network to generate backlinks. You may get penalized for it. Only create backlinks from reputed blogs. Also make sure the backlinks are not no-follow links. No-follow links do not help with SEO.
  • Use plugin like Yoast to make your content SEO-friendly.
  • Increase the readability by breaking your content into smaller sentences.
  • Use as much subheadings as possible.

SEO helps generate organic traffic

If you do the SEO right, you will be able to rank yourself higher in search engine results. It will bring you lots of organic traffic for your blog. Most of the people do not realize that organic traffic can be converted into sales as well.

Do not overlook paid ads

Keep working with your fixed-budget of paid ads. Invest most of the time in SEO as it requires more hard work. You can also hire an SEO expert to help you rank high and generate more organic traffic.

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