How To Make An Excellent Copywriting

As you know, marketing encompasses different disciplines that are related to strategic, creative, and business decisions. One of them is copywriting, and it is, without doubt, a fundamental practice in this sector. However, many people are not sure what it is and tend to confuse it with content marketing, although they are not the same. Thus, while this is aimed at creating content, copywriting is a persuasive writing technique whose purpose is to create a text that encourages users or potential customers to perform a concrete action.

Thus, to be a good copywriter, several practices should be followed if you want to achieve the purpose set. That is why Backlinko that is used by SEO services (ทํา seo, which is the term in Thai) has made a complete guide signed by Brian Dean that collects many tips so that professionals in this field can achieve success. Here are some of them:

To enter a copy, you must use the words and expressions that use our potential customers. In this sense, sites like Reddit, where users leave comments on certain issues, products, or services, can be a good source of inspiration. In the same way, you can resort to reviews or the RSS. The surveys and interviews with consumers also happen to be extremely useful.

How Can You Get This Done?

It must be clear that one of the main objectives is to ensure that users do not stop reading the contents. Therefore, Dean recommends using the AIDA formula (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) for any text structure.

It is more convenient to talk about the benefits of the product than the features (better to say “achieve your goals without stress” that “allows you to plan your day to day”). Also, it is shown that accompanying the texts with results, studies and testimonies encourage action.

It is vital to highlight the differential value of the product or service that we want to sell and accompany this with a sense of urgency through phrases such as “limited time offer.”

The titles have to be very specific, and if they include some figure that alludes to the product or service better than better: “Get your market goals in 30 days” or “The nine steps you have to follow to increase your organic traffic in 50%.”

Including a small entry in the texts can improve the results. This has to start with a “hook” and not have more than eight lines.

It is necessary to write using a natural language that mimics the way we speak. Short sentences should be used, as they are easier to read and understand.

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