How to select the best rummy games based on your skills?

Rummy is a strategy and skill-based game. The basic rules of all kinds of rummy are simple to understand and easy to remember. However, in order to win at a game of rummy, one needs to develop different mental skills, qualities, and strategies.

Different kinds of rummy require different skills. Some require patience, others require clarity in mathematical concepts like probability and so on. To find the kind of rummy variant which would suit you the most, you need to focus on the kind of skills you are good at. This will increase your chances of winning at the game even more. Read the article to find out how different types of rummy require different skills. After this, if you want to test your skills by playing rummy game download the rummy app on your phone.

The different variants of rummy and the kind of skills they require

  • Points Rummy

Points rummy games are the quickest of them all. In a Points Rummy game, only a single deal is played. It hardly lasts more than a few minutes. However, the competition is always cut-throat and engaging. Calculations need to be made in a matter of 15-20 seconds. As such, Points rummy games require you to be a quick thinker. You need to be able to perform well under pressure and come to logical conclusions. If you are someone who can easily move from one situation to the other, and if you consider yourself a Jack of all trades, then Points rummy is the perfect rummy variant for you.

  • Pool Rummy

Pool rummy is the longest version of Points rummy. Pool rummy has two variants – 101 Pool rummy and 201 Pool rummy. Depending on the variant played, players keep on getting eliminated as and when they reach the pre-decided limits of points. Naturally, this variant goes on for a longer duration of time until all but one player remains. As such, in order for you to enjoy and be good at Pool rummy, you need to be patient and persevering in your nature. Over the different rounds, you can improve your game through logical decisions and reach your goal through your far-sightedness.

  • Deals Rummy

Deals rummy is a limited version of the Points rummy game. A maximum limit of deals is decided – either a ‘Best of Two’ or a ‘Best of Three’ session is played. As such, you need to be alert and a quick decision-maker as well. You need to come up with innovative solutions that will improve your game within the two or three deals that you play. It also requires you to be competitive and focused.


The different types of rummy variants thus require different kinds of skills. If you are fast and a jack of all trades, go for Points rummy. Pool rummy can be your strength if you are forbearing and can persevere for long. In the case of Deals Rummy, you need to be focused, competitive and a quick thinker. So, based on the skills you are most confident about, you can play rummy games free downloadon your phone today. The RummyPassion app offers all these different variants of rummy on the same platform. Check out the app for an amazing online rummy experience.

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