How To Translate Scanned Or PDF Documents?

Many people still face problems to translate the scanned document. There are many software that provides English documents Translation (แปลเอกสารภาษาอังกฤษ, which is the term in Thai), but people don’t have the idea of how to use them? This software can save you time and will protect you from the headache.

It will be better if you check that how to make the PDF text accessible by the network before you buy a top-notch translation program for the scanned documents. if you want to keep the as much formatting as possible, so you don’t need to reformat a whole text.

Check out The Type Of Documents:

First of all, check the type of your document because there are two types of pdf document one is the image or the other is text.

You can check the document by keeping the cursor on the file if it shows the text cursor that means the paper is text. If it shows the cross, that means it is an image type of pdf. Clicking and keeping the mouse is a fast way to check if your PDF is focused on photos or text. This is the easiest way to check the type of document that needs to be translated.

Download OCR for the Translation Purpose:

you can also download OCR (optical character recognition). For the conversion of document like Pdf into editables form. This is done before the translation work is carried out. OCR can recognize your text and turn it into a digital version. This can help you to translate the non-editable files. It is free software for translation help.

But many people still don’t use these tricks for translation, and they preferred to hire highly updated ways for interpretation, which includes the high-class online translation services and translation companies. Because they can’t take the risk for the translation of their documents.

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