What is Program Development And Major Steps Of Program Development?

Program development is a process in which experts create software by using a specific programming language. Al the process involves the writing of many interrelated programming code which helps to create a fully functional software.

Program development (รับ พัฒนา โปรแกรม which is the term in Thai) is used to create software for business and personal objectives. To develop software many programming languages include in the whole process. Program development is also known as application development and software design.

Major Steps Of Program Development:

The process of program development consists of the following six steps, and every programming development company must follow each and every step.

  • Te first step is planning and without planning, no one can develop a program. Planning about the strength and weaknesses of any project becomes very helpful for the success of any software.
  • It is very necessary to analyze the performance of software and make important notes with the help of software analysis to overcome any problem in the future.
  • After planning and analyzing the process its time to work on the design of the software. This is a kind of architecture process to overcome the flaws of the project.
  • Now its time to develop the original program and implement all the processes prepared before.
  • Testing is the fifth process in the development cycle. By testing the software an expert can check all the problems of software and get rid of them efficiently.
  • After all the processes are done without any problems. Now experts started to work on the maintenance of the software in which the upgrade and update the software time to time for better work.

Difference Between Coding And Programming:

Coding is the Translation (รับ แปล ภาษา which is the term in Thai) process in which one language is translated into another language which can be easily understandable by computer.

On the other hands, programming is a set of instruction which is used to run a machine.

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